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Luke- Campground reservations and offroad events. 859-760-1942
Jacqueline- Weddings & Reservations 606-481-5575
Callie- Campground reservations 859-559-2554
Shane- General info. 859-404-3680

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History of the Campground:

The campground was named after the owner Shane Bowen's great-grandmother, Callie Bowen, who built the lake approximately in 1955 for a pay lake. Callie, aka Mammy, ran the operations of her 175 acre farm after the death of her husband, Taulbee Bowen I, in 1933 from being hit by a Greyhound bus in Bowen, Kentucky. He had bought the farm in 1916. Callie was well known around the area for her constant work; either on the farm or making her trademark 15 button bonnets which she always wore. Aging never stopped Callie, up into her later years she still walked two mile to Bowen to fetch her mail, groceries, and visit. Once asked what contributes to her great condition in old age, she replied, "Hard work, which never killed anybody." Callie passed away in 1969.  The lake and campground are located on a 50-acre piece of property behind the Bowen First Church of God. For history buffs, there is a cemetery on the property that dates back to slavery days.




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